Project Methodology

Parameter   Description
appreciation for the larger picture
Our Framework is a unique,
organizationally aware project management methodology. It
provides project managers with the tools, guidelines and processes
necessary to successfully manage individual projects, while
at the same time maintaining perspective of the larger framework
of work within the organization.
Addressing the critical
needs of Project Managers
Our methodologies have been
developed from the outset to build on the strengths of existing
project management methodologies, while creating the organizational
focus necessary to continue to be relevant in the project-driven
organizations of tomorrow. We address the key concerns of
people adopting a project management role:

What are the steps that I need to follow to successfully manage
a project?

What are the tools and techniques that I can adopt to help
me be more effective as a project manager?

What are the expectations of how projects will be planned,
estimated and scheduled?

How do I bring together all the component aspects of project
management, and ensure that each is being addressed in my

What do I need to do to ensure that all stakeholders are aware
of not just my project, but the interdependencies and risks
that exist as a result of the other projects in my company?

consistent, repeatable project success
In building our PM Framework,
we recognized that the key criterion for a successful methodology
is that it is usable. Our PM Framework has been adapted and
integrated into the project management capabilities of organizations
in a diverse range of industries and disciplines, and serves
as a core reference tool in how projects are managed.
the tools to manage successfully
Our PM Framework addresses
the critical needs of today’s leading project organizations,

Provision of comprehensive, scalable and flexible solutions
that can adapt to variations in project size and complexity,
organizational risk and project manager skill and experience.

A straightforward, easy to follow framework for project management
from the inception of an idea through the completion and implementation
of the final project results.

Valuable references, tools and support aids that minimize
the need to re-invent how a project should be managed, and
allows project managers and their teams to focus on creating
effective project solutions.

excellence, every time
By adopting our PM Framework
as the basis for project management capability, we will be
ideally positioning your organization to attain excellence
in its project management:

The project manager will have the support and confidence necessary
to be able to successfully manage projects, even as they continue
to develop their experience and skills.

Project team members in our organization will benefit from
a consistent approach to how projects are being managed as
they move from team to team, increasing productivity and ensuring
an effective, well-understood management approach.

The project sponsors will have increased confidence that the
outcomes and results of their projects will meet their business
needs and be delivered within the constraints of the schedule,
budget and scope of each project.