Content Management

A content management system (CMS) is a program used to create a framework for the content of a Web site. With most CMSs, the framework can be customized with a skin that defines the graphic design. This approach is opposite to defining the graphic design first, then coding the functionality second. Whereas the majority of cost of a Web site is in the functionality, the CMS approach is often significantly more cost-effective.

Content Management System has enabled many organizations to reduce costs and eliminate the ‘bottlenecks’ that resulted from the skills required to handle content updating residing on just a few individuals or even outside the organization.

With a Content Management System integrated website, a user can quickly and securely log-in and make whatever changes they feel are needed; new products, pages, news, contact information etc can be added and amended by someone with no web based skills whatsoever. Way beyond simply creating web pages, we provide a suite of cutting-edge solutions that enable the management and dissemination of information across an enterprise and its customers.
GWInTech has design and built a custom set of components and classes to bind them together to form a loosely built content management system that can be customized quickly and effectively. This system will not only help automate but would also systemize your content publishing to ensure that all content is checked and signed off before site updating. In the event of content removal the Content Management Systems will ensure that the remaining content and navigation menu system is still structurally intact, without leaving “dead” links. Our customized content management solution can handle media files, documents, online content, customized data and product catalogues and many more. It allows you to create and edit content easily. Our custom Content Management System can include an on-line text editor, multilingual possibilities and other features.

If you are interested in a custom content management do talk to us.