Application Management

Discrete outsourcing is not the way to handle multi-service outsourcing de-risk through an integrated model.

Changing business strategies, emerging architectures, increasing need for integration and a secure and robust application infrastructure are forcing organizations to outsource their Applications portfolio. At GW InTech, we cater to the growing need for integrated Operations and Applications Management and real time transaction monitoring. GW InTech provides world class Application Maintenance Services aimed at transforming the Operations and IT portfolio of our customers.

GW InTech Application Management Services – an Overview

GW InTech’s Application Management Services takes complete ownership of our customers’ applications with highly optimized onsite offshore team strength. Our consultants take a proactive approach to software maintenance, by focusing on long-term functionality, stability and preventive maintenance to avoid problems that typically arise from incomplete or short-term solutions. This approach, coupled with our robust service delivery mechanism with a highly optimized onsite-offshore mix allows our customers to continually reduce recurring maintenance costs.

We have evolved a well-defined and mature application maintenance process which allows effective capture of the application environment and business activity.

GW InTech offers Application Management solutions, broadly, in:

  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Operations
  • Application & Data Transformation Services