System Integration

One enterprise with multiple IT systems can result in confusion, inefficiency, and decreased productivity. Let GWInTech’ global experience and expertise transform your enterprise into one streamlined and optimally-functional entity.

Client Challenges

  • Integrating multiple IT systems that cater to different functions, departments, and stages in product life cycles

What GWInTech Proivdes

  • The right tools, methodologies, and templates for your enterprise’s needs combined with world-class knowledge and experience

Business Value

  • The ability to access real-time data and gain a consolidated view of your business
  • Accelerated business processes
  • Reduced business cycle times
  • Higher performance
  • Increased flexibility

Systems Integration

GWInTech has developed a total System Integration Service solution that helps implement and integrate proven, state-of-the-art technologies to achieve our client’s specific business objectives. From front-end consulting and planning, to integrating and even managing their technology solutions, we have the depth and experience to respond to our client’s unique challenges and opportunities.

We specialize in a holistic approach to business change and technology innovation. First, we understand our client’s unique requirements before we design, plan, build and even run the complex systems they need to achieve market success. Through a powerful blend of management and technical expertise combined with deep industry knowledge, we collaborate with their business and technology leadership teams to define business architectures and processes, and implement the systems and applications that deliver added value to their business.

The breadth and scope of our systems integration capabilities enable us to minimize risk, maximize technology investment and deliver the best total systems integration services and solutions that include:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Planning, designing and implementing custom application systems and information infrastructures
  • Implementing, extending and customizing ERP (enterprise software) packages for return on investment
  • Integrating software and hardware components
  • Enabling complex computer networking
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Training
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Legacy management and Internet enablement services
  • Ongoing systems and applications management and maintenance