Customer Relationship Management

More than 70% of sales leads are never followed up, while 43% of those not contacted purchase what they inquired for. Source: Cahners Publishing

Companies that retain 5% of their customers, can boost corporate profits a minimum of 25%. Source: Bain & Co

The sales team is your frontline offense with the customer. Whether they are on the outside shaking hands with customers and prospects, or inside working with customers on the phone, the impression they make is critical. It’s what the customer remembers about your organization.The better your employees are able to meet your customer’s needs, the more business you will do with those customers. But, you can’t help your customers if you don’t know what is happening with their accounts. A CRM application helps in uncovering and addressing each customer’s specific needs and maintaining that information in a central database available to all employees.

CRM is a comprehensive way to manage the relationship with your customers — including potential customers — for long-lasting and mutual benefit. More specifically, modern CRM systems enable you to capture information surrounding customer interactions and integrate it with every customer-related function and data point. CRM solution allows user to view data about the customer, such as: recent sales, inventory, orders placed, credit status, opportunity focus, contact, etc. To make your sales team more productive and dynamic, you need a CRM application to feed them with the required data about your customers and prospects.

To maximize benefits from a CRM application, you need to select the right product which will cater to your organization unique requirements. We make sure that the complete CRM is implemented in the shortest time, with a high user adoption and at a least cost.


  • Process study
  • Requirements gathering
  • Product selection
  • Implementation/Customization
  • Training
  • Support
Some of our sales force experience includes

  • Salesforce Implementation
  • Salesforce Customization
  • Salesforce Integration with 3rd Party Applications
  • Salesforce Training and Support
  • Salesforce Data Migration
  • Salesforce Remote Administration
  • Change Management
  • Salesforce CRM Pilot Deployment/Proof of Concept


  • Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 4.0 Applications
  • Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011 Customization and Configuration
  • Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011 Extending
  • Created Workflows & Dialogs in MSCRM 2011
  • Worked on Ribbon Customization and Site Map Customization in MSCRM 2011
  • Role based Forms and Role Based Queries in MSCRM 2011
  • Data Migration from Sales to MS CRM 2011
  • Up gradation from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011