Quality Process

GW InTech Quality Management System consists of complete set of processes and procedures through which we ensure highest quality in delivering our products and services.

The QMS is divided into Quality Manual, Procedure Manual, and Formats that establish and implement quality across the organization. This documentation provides us a standard that serves us as a means to enhance the customer satisfaction by delivering the high quality products and services.

The QMS at GW InTech is built into each and every product and service that we provide, instead of just reviewing and testing at the end development software solution.

Management Responsibility:
GW InTech Management is responsible for establishing and ensuring the implementation of QMS across the organization. They ensure that the staff is well understood of Quality Policy and its objectives, review the progress, revise and improve the processes, provide the resources that are vital for upholding the established standards.

Resource Management:
Resources (people, information, work environment, systems and software) acquired as needed to produce products and services with highest quality and enhance customer satisfaction. The employees also trained to improve their individual skill, and enlighten them of importance of their role in developing quality software salutations and help the organization to achieve its quality objectives.

Product Realization:
The QMS at GW InTech ensures that its products and services meet the customer / market expectations by various inputs i.e. sales and technical department contributions, customer suggestions / feedback, industry research, its software and hardware capabilities and involvement of people. The project manager plans and designs the software solution and evaluates the impact of potential changes to the proposed application. Software development takes place at our global development center in India and ensures that the specified quality standards are followed. It is also ensured that all products and services that are developed as per the products specifications and is validated by an independent quality assurance department.

Continual Improvement: –
GW InTech QMS strongly believes in continual improvement in all its activities. Though all products and services developed as per the specified quality standards they are subject to thorough internal audit and validated through rigorous testing process. This process also investigates the cause of non-conformities if any, and takes necessary steps to ensure that they do not recur in future.