The GW InTech Advantage

GW InTech’s competitive advantage is a source of great value to our customers. It comes not only from our expertise in various industry segments, but also from our unique business model that sets us apart.

Delivery model

We follow a Global Delivery Model to service and deliver exceptional value to our clients.
This is a unique Offshore development model, where software, developed at our state-of-the-art development center in India, is remotely managed and co-coordinated by experienced US based Onsite project management and technical personnel.

This Delivery Model complements the strengths of a 24*7 Global Enterprise based provider in custom built, turnkey high-end software solutions with all the flexibility and cost advantages of an offshore delivery model, ensuring the rapid delivery of high quality software with high returns on investment.

Turnkey, Front Office oriented Project Management

GW InTech further differentiates its Global Delivery Model from others’ by harnessing and utilizing the customer oriented skills of a very strong “front-office” team.

We take into account the crucial importance of on-site based project management, solution architecture, account management and logistic issues that are often overlooked by most companies while outsourcing.

To ensure this, we have assembled an experienced, world-class project management and solution architecture team that is constantly monitoring the projects — in daily contact with the client, addressing issues, solving problems and fine tuning plans on a real time basis